Academic Calendar
Date Day Holiday Activities
02.04.2019 Tuesday School re-opens for New Academic Session 2019-2020
03.04.2019 Wednesday   Class XI joins for New Academic Session 2019-2020
08.04.2019 Monday   Nursery joins for New Academic Session 2019-2020
15.04.2019 Monday Bengali New Year  
17.04.2019 to 22.04.2019 Wednesday-Monday Easter Holiday  
23.04.2019 Tuesday   Mother Earth Day
30.04.2019 Tuesday   Workers' Day Celebration
01.05.2019 Wednesday May Day  
09.05.2019 Thursday   Rabindra Jayanti Celebration
25.05.2019 Saturday Summer Vacation Commences  
24.06.2019 Monday   School reopens after Summer Vacation
17.07.2019 Wednesday   Annual Prize Day (A.G Asansol)
29.07.2019 to 9.08.2019 Monday to Friday   1st Unit Test for classes Nursery to Class VIII and 1st Term Exam for Classes IX,X,XI,XII
12.08.2019 Monday Id-ul-Zoha  
15.08.2019 Thursday Independence Day  
24.08.2019 Saturday Janmasthami  
05.09.2019 Thursday   Teachers' Day Celebration
10.09.2019 Tuesday Moharram  
11.09.2019 Wednesday Onam  
18.09.2019 to 27.09.2019 Wednesday to Friday   Half Yearly Exam commences for Nursery to Class VIII and 2nd Term Exam for X and XII
28.09.2019 Saturday Mahalaya
02.10.2019 Wednesday Gandhi Jayanti  
04.10.2019 to 13.10.2019 Friday to Sunday Puja Vacation  
27.10.2019 to 29.10.2019 Sunday to Tuesday Kali Puja/ Diwali
10.11.2019 Sunday Eid-E-Milad  
12.11.2019 Tuesday Guru Nanak's Birthday  
14.11.2019 Thursday   Childrens' Day Celebration
18.11.2019 to 28.11.2019 Monday to Thursday   2nd Unit Test for Nursery to Class VIII and 2nd Term Exam for class IX and XI
06.12.2019 to 16.12.2019 Friday to Monday  PRE-ICSE and ISC begins
14.12.2019 Saturday   Working Day
19.12.2019 Thursday Staff Get Together  
20.12.2019 Friday Winter Vacation Commences
06.01.2020 Monday School Re-opens after Winter Vacation
12.01.2020 Saturday Vivekanand's Birthday  
23.01.2020 Thursday Netaji's Birthday  
26.01.2020 Sunday Republic Day  
29.01.2020 Wednesday Saraswati Puja  
17.02.2020 to 27.02.2020 Monday to Thursday   Class IX and XI Exam(Tentative Exam Schedule) and Final Exam for Classes Nursery to VIII
04.03.2020 to 10.03.2020 Monday to Tuesday Dol Jatra/Holi  
13.03.2020 Friday   Report Card Distribution
23.03.2020 Monday   School Re-opens for Academic Session 2020-2021
09.04.2020 to 14.04.2020 Thursday to Tuesday Easter Holidays